Design Concierge Service & 360 Degree Color Floor Plans Millville, DE

  • You’ll view the customized, 3D circular floorplan of your redesigned room. 
  • Receive up to 6 home visits.
  • Receive a “Design Recipe”, which is the list of pre-selected home furnishings and a floorplan.

View 3D Floorplan Sample

Move your mouse in different directions to view the 360 plan. If at first you don’t see the plan, move the mouse and the plan will be visible.

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For the discerning client who seeks a blend of elegance, function, and personal touch, our Design Concierge Service is the answer. We take pride in offering a comprehensive package that ensures your space is designed to perfection:

  • 360-Degree Color Floor Plan: This detailed visualization allows you to witness the transformation of your space even before the purchase of furnishings.
  • Research & Selection: We delve deep into curating furniture, fabrics, and custom window treatments such as blinds, shades, shutters, and more, resonating with your taste.
  • On-site Presence: Sandy Murphy is present for all installations and deliveries, ensuring that each piece fits seamlessly into the design.
  • Constant Communication: With up to 6 home visits and regular touchpoints through emails, texts, or phone, we ensure you are part of the journey every step of the way.
  • Shopping Expertise: Sandy takes the lead in shopping, but if you wish, you can join her on this creative journey.
  • A Treat on Us: Each package comes with a complimentary lunch at a select restaurant, allowing you to discuss the design over a delightful meal.

Fee starts at $3,500 but is determined by square footage of the room.

When ready to see furnishings pre-selected at local retailers, bring the Design Recipe with floor plan. We will go together to view those items and have you sit on upholstery to ensure your comfort.

COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH at a restaurant.

After delivery of all major furnishings, I return to the home for a follow-up visit to give your furniture and accessory placement the designer’s touch.

FEE: $3,500 (depending on size and complexity of room)

3 or more rooms for this service are discounted.

Virtual Clients: I shop on-line and send you options based on the plan I’ve designed for you. Fee $3,000. I’m seeing your homen online only.