About Classic Design

I’m Sandy Murphy, owner and interior designer for Classic Design. With two decades of design experience, I’m ready to take the hassle out of your decision making, and save you from pitfalls like this:

When these homeowners bought their sectional, they thought it was real leather but, it was not leather at all, but a leather-look product bonded to a fabric surface,” bonded leather.” By the time, several years later, they knew the truth about their “leather sectional” they were out of money and very disappointed.

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I’m here to save you from those disheartening, expensive mistakes! With my experience, I’ll help you select the right furniture for your taste, lifestyle and budget, making the process easy and fun! Want to learn more?

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About Sandy Murphy

Classic Design, Timeless & Fresh Interiors, perfectly suited for today’s relaxed lifestyle.

The design journey on TV always looks quick and easy, doesn’t it? In reality, shopping on-line or in stores takes stamina, time, patience and a lot of decision making. You not only should like your choices—you also have to make sure that:

  • the furniture fits the room and blends well with everything else.
  • family members like the results (as if you and your spouse always agree-ha!)
  • fabrics and finishes stand up to dogs, cats, kids and other real-life catastrophes. (don’t worry, I design for real life).

Details are important to create a timeless design, perfect for today’s relaxed lifestyle.

Consider me your captain on this journey. I’ve sailed the choppy waters of home furnishing stores. I pre-shop to eliminate wasted time, so you can make faster, confident decisions getting you excited about your choices. Now it feels like fun! I’ll help navigate thru many options to find the “perfect catch” for your beautiful, seaside home.

boat sailing

I love teaming up with homeowners to fulfill their desire for a livable, attractive home. My clients are busy people who want this vacation destination to feel easy, breezy with sea, sun and surf nearby. While you enjoy the outdoors I’ll be designing space for your new home’s interiors.

I enjoy working with people and when our design project ends, I’ll leave you smiling and happy in your beautiful Delaware home. Ready to enjoy this new chapter of your life, without all those decisions from which furniture to buy and which rugs will stand the test of time for your family? I’m ready when you are to start the (beach ball) rolling! Let the fun begin.